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About the Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is believed by many to be the oldest longhair breed of cat in the world. Living for centuries on the streets of modern-day Ankara, the breed was believed to have been inter-bred into extinction by the mid-1940s.

But the country and government of Turkey so loved their treasured cat
that it created a closed breeding colony in the zoo in Ankara in 1917. Through this program, the breed was saved from extinction and preserved - to our present-day delight! We are eternally grateful to the government of Turkey and we endeavor to play our part in the continuing preservation of this rare and treasured breed of cat!

CFA Turkish Angora Breed Standard
CFA Turkish Angora Breed Profile

"Gracie" is a 2 year old Turkish Angora living in a pet home. In this video she shows a bit of what life with a Turkish Angora is like, and how all the world can be a playtoy!